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Good night! How about we start on Monday? 
Hope fine

Im Wear:

Used Sweat . Gift. (Include a other Skirt).Makunch Store. FREE

*Belly Piercing: 
Marketplace. Dollarbie. 1L

Group Gift. Capri Jeans. Coepio Store. FREE

Gift. Tote Bag. Pixicat Store. FREE

Happy Valentine Day!!

Today is a special day for those who have a couple. 
Valentines Day!
And for those who do not ... (like me haha) .. 
What better to spend it having drinks with friends?

Im Wear:

*Lingerie: S.Valentin Lingerie. Group Gift. Hanna Store. FREE


Good night! I bring some more rock!

Im Wear:

Hunt of Jack or Jill : Bullet Tatto. PMS Store. FREE

Marketplace Ice Water. FREE

 Gift. Just In Time. The Lost Store .FREE

*Vest nd Shorts :
Group Gift. Lavarock Store. FREE

Wednesday Addams.

Today I bring a costume .. who reminded me to wearing Wednesday Addams in the Addams family. :)

Im Wear:

*Complete Outfit: 
(Bow , dress , Blood nd Socks nd Knife) . Group Gift. Horror Doll Outfit. SB Store. FREE