Little home...

Today I bring some home decor .. it never hurts :) 
Hope you like it! Mua!

-Necklace: Cross Necklace . Marketplace. Dollarbie 1L No free

-Dress: Group Gift. Draped Mini dress (With Hud to changue the textures) . HH Store . FREE

Tatto: Seven Tatto (Include more tatto numbers) . Marketplace . FREE

Hause Decoration:

-"Everything in its right place" . Group Gift. Ionic Store. FREE

-Amp Pillows seat .Group Gift. Ionic Store .FREE

Amnesiac Chair + Table. Group Gift. Ionic Store. FREE

Pin up!

I love the pin up and vintage style ... hope you like it :) Mua!

Hunt of SFH . Ra Store . FREE
(Include the flower)

BoardWalk. Gift. Summer edition  Has Been Store. FREE

Leg tatto:
Group Gift. Tatto Flower. Formis Store. FREE

Group Gift. (Group No free) . Ncore Store . FREE

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